We had two very busy workshops last week – one was Making Simple Lined Curtains (simple if you know how!) and Fit to Knit – our beginner knitting workshop.  It got me thinking – perhaps an alternative version of both workshops would be to have How to Knit a Simple Lined Curtain……I think not!

Anne has done a fantastic job with her workshops on both the blinds and the curtains – she has even agreed to come back for more dates- and has agreed to do a few night sessions for those that can't make days.

Debi and Beryl have a good look at her first attempt!

Ladies_who_knit and_their_weapons_of _choice
You should see all the stuff the comes out on the day – so much about the wool and all these lovely modern patterns to knit!

Tools of the trade for making curtains..

And one happy mug!

Here is to another creative week!