I really should have posted this a few weeks ago…..but for whatever reason, things just got too busy.

It is about my movie debut on the BBC!

I was asked to attend the launch for the Webwise website (which the film was part of) at the new BBC Media City in Manchester. I didn’t really have time to think too much about it as the invitation came at a really busy point in my week, but when we got to the brand-new just out of the box premises, I realized that it was a proper launch.

With wine and food.

And the head of BBC North.

And all the people involved with the creation of it.

As my friend (who came along as my plus one) Jane pointed out, maybe we should have put on more than a pair of jeans. But I really am a “pair of jeans “girl and so is Jane. However, we did think to take a camera so Jane took some photos for me to share. The weather on the night was gorgeous – one of those warm springsummeriscoming days.

Someone told me that the inside of the building looks alot like a hotel…and it does!

The circles that you see are actually meeting¬†area’s for two – they appear to have really utilized the “hot desking” mentality and many of the sections are set up for impromptu meetings.

The one thing that also took me a bit by surprise is that they created an installment to compliment the series – here I am by my little part of it (I look like I am holding a burp in… I assure you I was not!).

What a great experience  Рhow lucky am I?