I have been taking many photos recently and downloading them into my Picasa files (in an attempt to keep them in some semblance of order!).  It occured to me that the negative to digital images is that you don't tend to keep them anywhere where you can look at them on a daily basis – I tend to look at them. go "wow, that is lovely" and then that is it. So I decided to take a very random selection from the last six weeks and post them  - just so I can see them once in a while!


Children's felt drying alfresco.


Addison catching the last dying rays of the autumn sun.


Canning and preserving stuff – ready for show.

P1030472Quilt strips on their way to being finished.


My daughter Sydney made a gorgeous Octonaut cake for Addison's birthday. 


The beginning stages of the Canning and Preserving workshop that just passed.  What a great workshop!

I hope you are all gearing up for the holidays – I know I am but this year I have decided to pace it out a bit. I have slowed down on workshops from the beginning of December and am concentrating on some other studio stuff – putting new stuff on Folksy, sorting out a monthly "Create" night at a local business, writing a business support section called This Crafty Business on the Crafty Network and of all things – hopefully being filmed by the BBC!

All the best and for those back in the States, here is to a wonderful Thanksgiving!