How to get your crafting project published

Sep 22, 2015

Getting your crafting project published in a magazine (either in print or on-line) isn’t as difficult as it may seem. These magazines rely on people contributing to their content – the key it is to find the right magazine for your craft project, find the person to contact within the organisation and know why what you do is a good fit.

The first article I ever wrote was for Sewing World magazine. It was a “snapshot” article on sewing trends in America. I was going back to America for the summer and I noticed that when I told people about this at the Studio, they would often ask me questions about what the fabric stores were like, what the trends were etc. So I thought it would be of interest to a wider audience and set about finding a few magazines to contact and see if they were interested. Now I have to put my hand up and say at this point I HAD NO IDEA what I was doing so just decided to give it a whirl. But sometimes that is the BEST attitude to have as you don’t get bogged down with negative mind chatter.

I then went to WH Smiths and had a thumb through the magazines in the crafting and sewing section. I picked out three that looked like my proposed article might be a good fit – you do have to really look through what the editorial style is for each magazine to make sure what you want to submit for a project would be of interest. I took my IPhone and snapped images of the masthead- this is where you can get the name of the best person to send your idea to (it often has a title called Editorial). This was to make it easier for me to find the right person, but you could also scan the internet (I have started to use LinkedIn for this) and find the information as well. I just wanted an excuse to sit and read magazines for work (and now you have one too!)

I went home, draft a proposal for my article including why I thought it was a good fit and offered to write a sample so that they could see that I was a reasonable writer. The first magazine I emailed was Sewing World magazine and to my utter surprise, I was emailed back later in the day by the editor saying that she thought it was a lovely idea and could we talk. So a few emails back and forth about length, date needed for publication and photo requirements, the amount they would pay me and well – that we pretty much it! I had about four months until the article needed to be sent to the SW editorial team. I decided that I wanted to use this time to make sure that my writing style was similar to the magazines so I bought a few magazines and really picked apart the various articles. I also looked at the quality of the photos to see what level I was expected to submit.

So that was how I did it and you can too. Why would you want to do it? You won’t get rich, so I wouldn’t look at it as a way to earn extra money on a huge level. But it does add to your credibility within your industry. In this day and age where everything you do is part of a digital footprint, it can help with your SEO if the magazine prints it in electronic format too.

So which magazine would you write for and why?