When I work on Make and Do stuff from the luxury of the Beech Road outpost, I can listen to whatever I want and today, it is Dolly Parton.  My musical taste really does have a bi-polar feel to it and I am by no way religious but she has a new album out The Gospel Collection and it is great though my personal favourite album is Little Sparrow.  I digress…

Photos from our dressmaking workshop – we had a day to chat, layout patterns, chat, talk about the pattern, chat, cut, stop for a lunch of ginger and roasted squash soup and home made rolls, sew, chat, sew….I think you get the idea. But I have to say in our defence, you really do work hard and at the end of 8 hours of pretty much keeping to task, you have a lovely shirt/dress that gives you the strong foundation needed in order to understand basic pattern language, cutting techniques, putting it together before you sew and then working with the machine to get the best possible outcome for your shirt/dress.

School House Tunic as it is seen in paper form….

Getting ready for the cutting….those scissors were my grandmothers!

And the fabric is on its way to being this….

A versatile, top that is from a great little pattern company in the states called Sew Liberated. Sarah, the keenest of all my sewers, sent a photo to me via her iPhone of her finished dress on its first night out – I am still trying to get it off the phone but will post it if I do!