Good morning everyone!

For those of you that have a lunar calendar that is guided not by the moon, but the school holidays, today is the first day of two weeks of holiday for the little scampers. I like to take this time to regroup but as I am not feeling 100% – I had a really busy few weeks and I think may have overdone it – I am looking forward to getting back to healthy again.  Plus I have so many e-mails to reply to that it is untrue! However, I thought I would post a few things that I think are helpful, interesting and related to crafting… please let me know if you found them useful and I will keep on the hunt for other items of similiar interest!

  • I love the fact that e-magazines/digital magazines are gaining in popularity (I miss the wide variety of creative magazines that you get at book stores in American – wahhh!)  and I thought it was worth pointing out Nuno, the Spring issue is called Rustle.  It is a bit quirky and combines crafting with eco sensibility – I really like the felted rock ring in the issue before this one (might have to get Beryl to have a go at that one!).
  • Want to know how I keep from going crazy when tracking all the blogs I read?  Bloglovin !  It has a lovely interface and allows me to break the blogs down into sections like "sewing, creative, felting, children" etc so that they get put in the categories I need to have them in to make any sense.  
  • Here at the Studio, we have had so many people come through our doors who have learned a craft, and is some cases, they have gone on to take their craft and make it available to the wide world via etsy, folksy etc.  Starting and running a small, creative business can be the most rewarding and at the same time, exhausting venture that you can be involved with. You have to wear so many hats that times you aren't sure which hat is on and what it is doing there!  However, about four monthes ago, we started the Creative Co-Operative, whose mission is "to support small creative businesses by establishing  a collaborative environment in which to share ideas and  provide hands on help for problems unique to being an independent business owner". We had a workshop style meeting last week about using the web and Wendy, who owns 1stuniquegifts, wrote a better write up than I ever could about the evening, via her blog.  If you want to come along to any of the get togethers, please e-mail me or better yet, just like either the Make and Do FB page or the Creative Cooperative FB Page and you will get the FB updates.

 I think that is enough blather for now – please feel free to comment on anything posted here as I like to hear your comments!