How to find your voice on social media

Jun 25, 2015

If you have been busy following our Facebook and Twitter feeds, you will have seen that last week was the grand finale of my three talks for Coats on using social media in a small business setting – which took place at the stunning Edinburgh Castle. I spoke about how important it is to find your “voice” when you start on your social media journey. You and what you have to offer within the context of your business is something that only you can express – this is your voice.

I think that people struggle with this concept more than I realised. One of the participants, Janet, came up to me afterwards and said, “I know how important it is to find a voice but I just don’t think we have anything interesting to say”.

I promise you, everyone has something interesting to say – unearthing it can be the hard part.

So I began chatting to Janet, who owns a shop called Jinty and Baa on the edges of Loch Lomond, and as the conversation moved from topic to topic, she said that she (and her mother) opened the shop after the death of her father a little over a year ago. His death was what had spurred them on to have their shop.

I looked at Janet and said, “there your voice is…why not tell folks about that? ”

Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder to see what you can talk about.

And yes – it is that simple.

So if you are trying to craft your words to sound uniquely yours, start with a story that is well….uniquely yours. It is far easier to find your voice when what you talk about is something that you feel passionate about.

Right – I am staring down the barrel of another busy week because I am talking to the folks at the CHA -UK One Big Show International Conference¬†on Sunday and Monday about you guessed it….social media!

So I shall leave you with some great links and some lovely photos to look at.


PS – The Autumn schedule is now up…well the bulk of it is. So for those of you that want to have something to do once the summer months have passed, why not have a look? We will be adding two new workshops over the coming weeks – making an A Line skirt (with lining and adding pockets) and a whole new twist on how to design and construct your own quilt using strips, tubes and colour.