First of all, a happy belated Mothers Day to all the ladies out there!  I purposely didn't blog as one of the items that we were working on was for Mother's Day and I didn't want to let the cat out of the bag! For the Moms (or as we pointed out to the children, it can be any lady that makes you feel special and loved) of the younger children, we hope they enjoyed the hearts that they worked on so hard over the last few weeks.  This week it is back to finishing their pencil bags as next week is our last week before the Easter Holidays so we have to crack on!

As for our Broomfield children, they are whizzing ahead at great guns!CIMG3901 

Again, they only have this week and then next week to get their apron and pin cushion done so you should be able to smell the smoke from the machines as we work them hard to get everything finished!

And what is this about our 15 minutes of fame?  Warrington Guardian will be including a piece (with photos!) about M.A.D Kids in this Thursday's edition – it will be in the Appleton section.  I will post a link to it from here if you are not a regular buyer of the Guardian so don't worry.

Sorry this one is not as long as usual but I promise, next week will have the usual assortment of term end photos.

All the best!