I am never sure if what I remember is American influenced or British originated but does anyone remember the Hawkeye Brownie?  It was this great camera that we had growing up that had a little cube on the top that was the flash and when you took a photo, the cube would "pop" and the folks having their photo taken would try to blink away the million little dots caused by the exploding flash.  Well, you knew you had arrived when your parents let you use the Brownie because the cubes were expensive and if you were using it, you must be verging on the edge of adulthood.  Thank goodness those days are gone and digital cameras mean that anyone can have a go at shooting a few photos without the repercussions of wasting the flash cubes on the Brownie!

And how does this lead into the last few weeks of classes? The last few sessions,  we have let the kids run riot with the digital camera. I struggle to take photos when we are having a class and more recently my Canon broke so have been trying to work my way around my sons trusty Kodak.  So last week came and whilst we were busy getting the cards ready for Fathers Day, it occured to me to hand the camera over to the kids.  Okay – so alot of them were extreme closeups of nostrils and eyeballs – but they also got some great shots that I am happy to share with you.Sewing_kids  Not bad eh? 

The kids had a great time making cards for their respective Father figures – and are now busily working on a summer t-shirt as well as a cushion.  We only have two more sessions left before we break up for summer so those machines will be hummin' to get all the projects done.

And finally, a happy 100th Birthday to the Hawkeye Brownie – it seems that the year 2009 is a milestone for the cube spinnin' camera and I think it is well worth a mention! 

Anyone fancy having a go on one!?