You know it has the potential to be a long three days when one of the first conversations that you have is with a lady who asks whether we were aware that you can make embroidery thread from hair of shihtzu dogs?  Er… Before I tell you the full outcome of the conversation (and it does get a bit weird before it gets a bit better) I should say that three weeks leading up to the Manchester Creative Craft fair event was a challenge as much as it was a fantastic opportunity.

We are still very small here at Make and Do but we have been getting busier and busier with each passing month.  So trying to fit in our normal schedule of workshops and getting the stand designed and kitted out meant that I no longer could throw a table cloth down and depend on my gift of the gab to get me through. Sue Lacey, who teaches our Loopy About Crochet workshop and most importantly, the paper crafting section of our workshops, offered her valued thoughts on how to lay the stand out and I can say hands down our stall was the most tasteful and inviting of all the stalls there. From the aprons with Make and Do logo’s (thanks Sarah for the idea!) to the lovely vintage furniture (Becky at Pretty Little Trio) kindly loaned to us – it was all very sweet.

And much like childbirth, all the hard work, Red Bull evenings and sleepless nights were forgotten when it was all in place and more than a handful of people asked if we were a national chain…we would do it all again in heartbeat!

And for those that are curious about the lady who used her shihtzu dogs’ hair as embroidery thread, she really did spin her dog’s hair to make a very fine wool for embroidery. And what did she do with it? She embroidered shihtzu dogs on to cushion covers with it…and she said that if you then brushed said embroidered dog, the embroidery thread would take on a quality that made it look like the real shihtzu hair….giving it an even more life like quality.  Apparently, she really liked shihtzu dogs.

I pointed out that I bet she was glad she didn’t have a love for St Bernhards…..

….she didn’t look very amused.