Do you ever wonder whether you can go about crafting a balance between family and work when you work from home?

I posted a photo in last week’s entry but it was missing one important thing – the inclusion of my daughter Sydney!  I didn’t intentionally omit her but as anyone knows who has a small business, your family is always there in the background, helping out and pitching in, that you forget that they photottoo, are a very important part of your business.

In the beginning, when I started Make and Do, I was very aware that I didn’t want Make and Do to interrupt the rhythm of the house  -which in hindsight was not really achievable as the business is home based -but as they say, hind site is 20/20. When they came home from school, I would shut the studio door and go in to Mother mode. And that worked okay for a while.

But one day, when I was up to my elbows in something in the Studio and the kids were deeply engrossed in their chosen electronic distraction, I thought “Enough” and they were called to arms. And watching my two oldest fold flyers at first I felt a bit guilty, but then as they kept on folding and the activities of their day were measured up against what I had done, I realised they needed to be more involved, if only to open their eyes to what it is like to run a company from the grass roots level. The statistics say that small business owners make up something like 92% of overall businesses in the UK so proportionally, they have a very good chance of working for a small company.

So back to the above photo, Sydney was over the moon to come and help us the really busy Saturday at the craft festival. She ran the cash register, helped Beryl with her felt making workshops and had a chance to interact with all the various people who came by the stand. She still talks about it a month later!

And the best payback of all? When Sydney saw our beautiful stand, she actually said “You are a proper business Mum!” and without saying it, I went way up on the respect level.

Have a lovely long weekend folks!