I wish I could be so much better than I am about posting…..but when I get busy, it falls to the back of the que.

 And I am busy with a few time-zapping things – the kids after-school programmes have started again and are full. For the infants, almost all of them are new so we are introducing them to making felt with the idea being that they will produce a leaf coaster via the instructions from The Longthread. Ours will look much more organic as the felt used in producing the ones in the tutorial is the more industrial kind.For starters, we took them outside to get some real leaves to look at.

We are also going to get them working on the sewing machines so that they can have a go at machine sewing on the coasters. For the junior school children, we have a real mix of kids, some who have been with us since we started two years ago and those that are new – so have two skill streams to cater for. But the older kids are going to work with felt (I also am going to set them a challenge to make create something out of a grain sack!) and the younger ones will work with felt as well as making an apron.

I have also been working to create a new website which will be a much better portal for Make and Do adult workshops – this is due to be sorted for the first week of October. And I even have a re-brand to coincide with the website launch! I have also been on a mission to re-do the actual studio which I have just put the last bit of paint on the wall this afternoon and also submitted a photo for an article about the Lending Stitches programme which will be in our local magazine. 

And the adult courses have started with some new additions as well.

It is great to be this busy but it would be nice if it was spread out a bit……