So the chance to try something new isn’t really your thing? Read on!

Mar 5, 2015

Why would you ever (try something new)?…

….agree to speak to a room full of strangers?

…about a topic that could quite easily be boring if you aren’t careful?

…at an event that is one of the largest in the UK crafting industry?

..and then agree to do it again if asked?

Because, quite simply, sometimes it is really important to do something that scares the pants off you.

When you were a kid, you did this on a daily basis and it was part of the thrill of being a kid.

Growing up on a farm in very rural Vermont (read: middle of nowhere…) we often had to create our own experiences. It was back before the days of play centres and afterschool clubs. So, depending on the season, we would try and invent activities based on things we hadn’t done before….going through a deeper part of a river, swinging on an even higher rope, on a snowy day going as fast as you can on your sled (which happens to take you across a busy road) while your brother makes sure there are no cars coming across said road.

Each time you did it, you got that tingle in your tummy. The one that says “ this should be interesting!”.  

And I don’t think, just because we are a bit older, we should try and avoid that feeling. I think we get scared of what doing that “new thing” will cause – and our brains think of the negative possibilities and we push that “new thing” to the side. And you miss that tingle in the tummy feeling.

So next time you are given the chance to try something new (or maybe you make the chance?) to do something new….don’t listen to the naysayers in your head….just grab the sled and get going down the hill!