…as in "busier than a"…..like the flowers that suddenly seem to have burst into bloom (why do we always seem to be caught off by the beauty of mother nature when it happens each year?) things at Make and Do seem to have suddenly"blossomed" as well!

The children's workshops have started this week and we are really happy to see all the familiar faces come back again. We have a somewhat secret project for Father's Day (don't forget it is the 21st of June!) on the go and in the pipeline is summer t-shirts and personalised cushions.  The little bit of sadness is that we will be losing three of the girls from our older workshops as they are moving up to High School – where there is no sewing club!  We have talked about them borrowing a machine from the Lending Stitches programme once they leave, so perhaps they will be able to keep sewing after all.

The Lending Stitches Programme has been the biggest surprise of all!  The local paper kindly put in a small notice asking for people who would like to donate older, but still in good condition electric sewing machines for the programme.  I thought "hmmm, I will be happy with three or four".  I am now up to 21 machines that have been donated and three weeks after the article was in the paper am still getting phone calls!  Each one has a lovely story and I feel like I know the history of each machine and feel an obligation to make sure these machines keep on sewing.The first machine was lent out last night with promises that it would be back in two weeks.

The adult courses have also started and I got the nicest e-mail I got from a lovely lady that came to the Introduction to Sewing Class - "I'm certainly hooked and you were an inspiration! Thank you thank you thank you!" – how could I not be pleased! The "Sew Creative" workshop is fully booked and I will be working over the weekend to get a more detailed schedule of upcoming courses together and on-line.  There will be a few between now and mid-July and then I take off to Vermont for the summer- where I do more sewing with my lovely Mom and pick up news skills along the way. The new, much more expanded schedule will start in September – a sneak preview of some of the courses include basic dressmaking, introduction to quilting, felt making, and hopefully (something new to me as well!) Overlocker Basics.

Off to get hangin' that paper!