My best December present and what you can learn from it

Jan 7, 2015

Last year at the beginning of January, while thinking hard about what I wanted to achieve in the year 2014, one of my intentions was to take time out to sew more. As my business has gotten busier, I have sewn less and that was bugging me…

My sewing habits did increase last year – as they say, that when you set an intention, it tends to get done. And they are right.

But there are/were two things I was struggling to get started/finished…I started a single sized quilt in August that in soooooo close to finished  (if you followed my visit back to Vermont on Facebook, you will have seen my Mom and I working on it),  as well as a lap quilt for my nephew, born in May, which I started weeks before his due date by designing and cutting out a nine squares. I didn’t want to use a pattern so was just kind of making it up as I went along but according to my maths, I was going to need alot more than the nine squares, but hey, I had loads of time before the baby came along.

And  sure enough, Jack came in to this world a bit late but pretty much around his due date. And there sat the squares in a nice neat pile. And they pretty much stayed in that pile, bar a few times I spread them out to see what they looked like. And then scooped them up and put them back in the pile…and the guilt from not having sorted the quilt out started to eat at me.

So I made a decision...better to be late than not at all….and maybe not quite what my good intentions created.

And a week before Christmas, I delivered Jack’s quilted cushion:


Here is a close up of one of the squares:


And when I decided to add the blue trim around the squares, and was spending ages trying to figure out how much fabric to cut for the fabric (and a fair bit of swearing! , my clever husband whipped up a spreadsheet that does it for me… all I do is add some basic numbers….and out spits my necessary requirements!


So, with all of us rolling in to 2015 with intentions of being better at whatever we think we need to be better at…maybe just go a bit easy on the expectations, deliver them when you can and high five yourself when you do it?

Anyone else agree?