Our Felt Fantastic workshop was full of ladies who were so keen to learn that as one pointed out when arriving "I am so excited I don't need any caffeine!" whilst she hopped up and down.

When I watch Beryl teach I realise how open and generous she is with her experience and knowledge – not only does she show you the techniques from the ground up, she judges the capabilities of each person and helps them make what they are keen to make – not force everyone to work at the same speed. She laughs with people when they make a mistake (Beryl and I agree that really, when it comes to creating there are no mistakes but even feltmaking has guidelines to follow!) and works with them to get the best out of them.  So here is to Beryl,worth her weight in felt!


Full_house -

And when I look at the last few posts it appears as if Beryl has been doing all the work! ! And just to show I am not a slacker, this evening is the All You Need To Know to Sew workshop!