Image0001  Firstly, apologies for not having posted recently.  For reasons unexplained, my son Addison (who is 20 months) decided to pick off the letters W Z N B and the Windows short cut key from my trusty laptop.  Though I suspect "Z" would not be an issue for most typists, I can confirm that W N and B are!  So I am waiting for the replacement keys to arrive from Belgium (two weeks and counting!) but have decided to test my Zen approach to typing and soldier on.  Deep breaths…

The children have been as busy as ever – the younger ones making re-usable bird seeds packets for our feathered friends, as well as aprons.  The older children have had a fantastic experience designing and then making costumes for the Wizard of Oz drama production. They made costumes that had to reflect a tornado (come on, please tell me you remember the opening scenes?), using materials either recycled or donated. And they did such a lovely job that the Drama department gave them all this lovely card -  as well as a bag of sweets to say "thank you".  We hope to get a photo of the costumes in action and if we do, I will post next week (before they break up for Whit). But a job well done to the costume designers!

I also have some great photos from the end of term as well a few from this term. CIMG3938 The group photo shows the more domesticated side of our youngsters – with their aprons on as well as their pin cushions in hand.  Doris Day would be so proud! CIMG3961

And this is the Wizard of Oz tornado in the making – complete with a fantastic grin!  The item that is being worked on is a belt that was worn around their waists – it had long strips of black and purple sewn on to it that gave it that "swept away" look needed. 

You could only wonder if when looking at this photo of Elliot and his apron, if he is not thinking about his future as the next Jamie Oliver? A far cuter version maybe!CIMG3960

Hopefully, we will have one more post before Whit so look for this.

And for those of you counting, there were 65 B's, 148 N's and thanks to the Wizard of Oz, we had 2 Z's.