Sewing machines at the ready? Check.

Cutting mats, rotary cutters, scissors, cotton (or "thread" where I come from!) at the ready? Check.

A desire to sew contemporary pieces that not only allow you to learn a new skill but also to have a creative outlet?  Most definitely check.

A relaxed and fun environment? I can’t sew under any other circumstances or I start to swear like a sailor so that is an emphatic "yes" too!

An opening date of Spring 2009?  Eeek – I better get busy!

Not only will Make and Do be a chance to sew and create items in a small scale "boutique" environment,  it will also be a chance for my Vermont roots to shine. I want to introduce people to fabrics and patterns from some of the most contemporary designers coming out of North America – Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Valori Wells and Denise Schmidt just to name a few. Their fabrics and ideas can make a BT phone box look unique!

I think you get the idea how excited I am about the Make and Do Studio, as well as Make and Do Kids – M.A.D Kids – our project for getting the little ones behind a sewing machine, which is rolling out in January 2009.

We will be publishing the full list of courses in January 2009 so please bookmark the blog or sign up for our occasional (I mean really occasional, so don’t panic!) newsletter.

I look forward to blogging more later!