Spring clean your in-box (no duster required!)

Apr 1, 2015



As a busy Mum, small business owner and lover of the internet, I find my in-box both a source of joy and frustration. It is what keeps me on top of my game until someone changes the rules of the game.

A few months ago I had so many emails in my inbox that it ground to a halt. My emails were only allowed in under a very strict “one out..one in” policy as per my email provider. My husband, who is my resident Dr Spock, looked at my in box and said quite bluntly…”your email is full of crap”.

What? I only have emails coming in that I want to get – what is he talking about?

He told me to start taking a look at what I really get in my in-box every day..not what I think I get in my in-box.

So I started to take note of every email that I received which fit in to one of three categories: never opened, never asked for or just not needed.

Oh my – what an eye opener.  

The biggest offenders were Amazon (at least 3 a day!), Boden and Facebook. One day, I counted over 35 emails in my personal inbox that didn’t have to be there…and my mail box for Make and Do was suffering from the same fate.

I have given it an official name #overinboxitus.

So the first thing on my list of Spring cleaning was to identify the biggest offenders and unsubscribe them. In the case of Facebook, you can tick unsubscribe for only certain things – like being notified if a friend of a friend posts – but still get notified of posts that you want to see.

And then if there was an email that was sent to me without my notification, I unsubscribed and reported it as spam. That was a bit harder as some of the senders made it REALLY hard to find that little unsubscribe button….but keep looking as, by law, it should be there.

And now I really like my in-box as when I see an email coming in, it really is from someone that I want to hear from.  

Do you suffer from overinboxitus? Really look at what comes in…it is eyeopening

And then get Spring cleaning that in box and I promise you that the side effect is that you don’t feel like your inbox is so overwhelming!

Have a great Easter!


PS –  I also wanted to say that my Spring has started on a real high note as I am going to be a Keynote speaker at both the CHA’s Creative Exchanges in a few weeks time and then again on behalf of Coats Crafts (they are the people behind names like Rowan and Free Spirit Fabrics) about the changing face of craft businesses….very excited!