2010….you are making me miss 2009!!

I am not that inclined to comment on the weather – I know it is a national past time here in the UK – but my take on it that it is what it is, and just be prepared.  However I am going to break from this tradition as the last week of snow has been…impressive?…..unprecedented (unless you remember the previous two wallops of winter which is either 1947 or 1963 – both before my time!)….and a little bit magical? 


To see all the kids in the neighbourhood throwing snowballs and building huge snowmen reminded me of my childhood in Vermont, where long snowy winters are a given.


My two boys spent what seemed like hours throwing snowballs. My older son managed to chip one of his teeth earlier in the week in an ice related incident…guess I should be glad it wasn't the entire tooth that went missing!


Rumour has it we may be getting more over the weekend…..what a lovely excuse to slow down.   

I have a few more updates to add – namely the schedule of courses for the Spring  (including one on basic quilt making in case you are curious!)- and will do so in the next day or so. 

Careful on the ice!